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The LOG BOOK system is a low stress method of obtaining a license and approximately 75 to 80% of learner license holders use this method.

The thing that most people like about the Log Book System is that they don't have to go to the motor registry to sit their final test. They are taught and assessed by their driving instructor as they work through the Log Book and if they are not comfortable with their instructor, they can change instructors at any time or even sit a government test if they feel as though they are ready early. If they do try a government test and do not pass, they can continue with the Log Book from where they left off.

(Note: Government tests must be booked through Access Canberra.)

How many lessons will it take to get a license?
The number of lessons it takes can vary dramatically for reasons such as:

  1. The amount of previous driving experience
  2. How much practice between lessons
  3. The frequency of the lessons
  4. How much natural ability
  5. How safety conscious you are.

The average amount of lessons for the entire A.C.T. (as last reported by A.C.T. Government) is approximately 12 lessons but if you want to get through in less than this, then you must read your log book and PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE and more PRACTICE!


Your instructor MUST be accredited to be able to sign and stamp your Log Book. They should have a certificate on display in the car you are learning in and if need be, ASK TO SEE IT. We have had students tell us of bad experiences where by they have had 5 or 6 lessons with someone who, they were led to believe were accredited, only to find out they weren’t. At Apex Driving School, we do not accept instructors that are not accredited.

Make sure you have your Log Book and your learners license with you every lesson. If you do not have a Log Book, pick one up from any Access Canberra.

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