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Government Test


You must supply the vehicle for a Government test, eg, your own car, a borrowed car or a car hired from a driving school.

The vehicle must be fully registered, clean and in a roadworthy condition.

It must have a centre-mounted hand brake between the two front seats and 'L' plates displayed on the front and rear of the vehicle (NOT on the windows).
We suggest that you use the car that you are most comfortable driving, as it will allow a higher level of concentration and confidence on the day. If you wish, we can give you lessons in your own vehicle, which can be extremely beneficial just before your test. An instructor could meet you at the motor registry one hour before your test and take you for a practice test as well as help tidy up any problem areas. Note: be sure to book this lesson well in advance.

If you want or need to use one of our driving school vehicles, an instructor would pick you up one hour before your test for a pre-test and tidy up, then you would use the car for the test. This would incur a two-hour fee. (See our pricing page).

For more information on ACT Government assessments and costs go to: www.rego.act.gov.au

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