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You can start having LOG BOOK lessons from any stage of your driving.  This system is a low stress method of obtaining a license and approximately 75% to 80% of learner license holders use this method.

The following is a general explanation of how the log book system works.

  (NOTE: You must have an ACT learners license to use the log book method)

To complete the log book there are 23 competencies you must be able to achieve and 2 Assessments. 

There are 5 main sections:

1.  Competencies 1 to 17 

It is possible to have any or even all of these competencies signed off within the first couple of lessons if you do well enough and time allows. (See the log book for what's required to complete each of these competencies).

2.  1st Assessment - 1 to 17

  After completing the first 17 competencies you must wait at least 36 hours before attempting this assessment. If you pass this assessment you can move onto competencies 18 to 22.

3.  Competencies 18 to 22 

It is possible to have any or all of these competencies signed off in a lesson if you do well enough and time allows.  (See the log book for what each competency requires to complete).

4.  2nd Assessment - 1 to 22 

  You must wait at least 36 hours after completing competencies 18 to 22 before attempting this assessment.

5. Competency 23 (Final Drive)  (This competency is also an assessment)

Before attempting this assessment your instructor must let the Government audit department know when and where the assessment will start just in case they decide to supervise for quality control purposes.  They require 2 full business days notice so if you pass your 1 to 22 assessment on a Friday, for example, you will have to wait until Tuesday for your final drive (or Wednesday if the Monday is a public holiday). Final drives cannot be conducted on Sundays or public holidays.

Most learners prefer to use the Log Book system as it means they don't have to sit their final test with Access Canberra.  They are taught and assessed by their driving instructor as they work through the Log Book.  When the learner has finished their Log Book their instructor will issue them with a certificate of cometency which they then take to Access Canberra.

A learner can change from Log Book to Government Assessment or vica versa at any time.  They can even change driving instructors or driving schools whenever they like.

(Note: One off Government tests must be booked through Access Canberra.)

How many lessons will it take to get a license?
Our average number of lessons is 8 in automatic and 10 in manual but it can vary dramatically for reasons such as:

  1. The amount of previous driving experience the learner has;
  2. How much practice the learner gets between lessons;
  3. The frequency of the lessons;
  4. How much natural ability the learner has.

The Log Book system works the same regardless of which accredited instructor or driving school you choose but, like using a mechanic or a plumber, it’s a matter of finding someone who is honest and professional, and who will ensure you get what you pay for, not charge you for lessons you don't need.

We take pride in the Apex name and strive to do our job correctly and as quickly as possible.  Through word of mouth we have been getting repeat business for over 35 years.  Apex is now proudly teaching the children of past students and even third generation.

The demand for our instructors can mean you may need to book a few weeks ahead.  We suggest booking around 5 lessons to start with, allowing a minimum of 1 day between each lesson if you are in a hurry, or 1 to 2 lessons a week if not. You can cancel the lessons if you need to, all we ask is that you provide us with as much warning as possible so other students can take advantage of those times.  Likewise, if you are in a hurry keep checking for cancelations that may become available although they do go very quickly.

Make sure you have your Log Book and your learners license with you every lesson. If you do not have a Log Book, you can pick one up from any Access Canberra shopfront.

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